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5 + 10 Essential Supplements for Energy

Essential Supplements for Energy

Getting everything your body needs through food is the best way. For one of my other websites I wrote an article about the food that gives you energy. Yet there can be all kinds of reasons why you need more energy than food can deliver. In that case supplements are a practical and natural replacement for or an addition to food. What are the essential supplements for energy?

As with any advice – no matter in what area – for every wildly enthusiastic recommendation there are opinions that discourage or even deny it. I love coffee in the morning and had several warnings from friends that coffee is bad for me. And to some extent they were right. If I drink coffee after 1pm, surely I will have problems getting to sleep that night.

Nowadays those same friends tell me coffee is good for aging people. 🙂

My point always is: listen to your body carefully and you will know what product is best for you. What works for me might not have the same result for you. 

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